Gas Pipe Loud Traumatizing Explosion in Stanford Kentucky

Kentucky gas line explosion august 1st 2019

Early this morning, on August 1st 2019 a gas pipe line eruption causing an explosion; in central Kentucky. Resulting in one death and an injury of at least five people.

What was the loud noise you heard in Stanford Kentucky?

According to Don Gilliam, the director of Lincoln County emergency department a 30-inch gas pipe breach; nearly 150 away from a trailer home park. The only casualty is Lisa Denise Derringer, who was identified by the Stanford county personnel. The 58-year-old woman, was trying to flee the scene after the explosion; passing away as a result of the overwhelming heat.

Six homes catching on fire leaving only one of the homes surviving the fire; from being in a state of complete destruction. Sending five people to the local hospital with some injuries. The area was evacuated; upon the occurrence of the incident and nearly 70 people had to leave everything behind. Luckily there wasn’t any hazardous material involving the fire caused by the gas pipe

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Currently, the incident is still under investigation; also the County is trying to figure out exactly the cause of the fire. The National Transportation Safety Board is already on it

Was There Witnesses?

Charlemagne, a witness was near the scene tweeting a video of the incident. Flames were as high as 300 feet, and people around it could feel the heat and smoke. Where the county officials request was to keep the area of Hustonville clear in fear of toxic gases as a result of the gas pipe explosion

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Also known as “@TprPurdy” on twitter. Tweeting aftermath pictures of the scene, with prayers to the families suffering an injury by this disaster; and giving special thanks to the first responders to the gas pipe explousion.

The explosion result is a damage of the train tracks surrounding the area; the gas line belonged to “Embridge” which is a company that owns the pipeline. Apparently, this is not the first incident with the same pipeline; a different portion of the pipeline exploded in mid-January in Noble County Ohio; as well as another incident in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 2016. Resulting in $2.3 million in damages to others and Embridge.

The incident was traumatizing for many of the locals, where the explosion has shooke homes; and made an extreme loud noise. Leading some people to get in their cars and drive away.