Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Was A Copy Of A 2009 Christian Rap Song

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Katy Perry along with her producers have been reported of stealing a key 16-second musical riff from a 2009 Christian rap song titles “Joyful Noise.”

World-wide hit song “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry has stolen a segment of an old Christian rap song. This sets up Katy Perry for a bank breaking penalty.

The two authors Marcus Gray and other filed a copyright infringement dating all the way back almost 10 years ago. Katy Perry was not present in the LA courtroom when the jury had passed their verdict.

Hear it for yourself, can you spot the similarity?

Now listen to “Joyful Noise”…

Perry’s “Dark Horse” found itself spending a total of four whole weeks on top of the bill boards and even reaching a Grammy nomination.

Her attorneys argued that the riff is so basic, it should be open and available for any songwriter to use.

Christine Lepera states, “They’re trying to own basic blocs of music, the alphabet of music that should be available to everyone.”

katy perry

The trial is now in the phase of penalty. Attorney’s will now be finding a common ground agreement on how much the original authors of “Joyful Noise” are owed.

More on this as the trial comes to a close.

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