Jessi Combs The Fastest Woman On Four Wheels” Dead in Jet-Car Accident

Jessi Combs

Yesterday, Jessi Combs confidently went to take on a new challenge: breaking her last record of 498 mph in a car. The same stunt that gave her the nickname,”The Fastest Woman On Four Wheels.” However, after a fatal crash, Combs was killed attempting this brave act. A member of her team, Terry Madden, confirmed Combs’ death in a heartfelt Instagram post.

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She was very excited and pumped to get the chance to beat her last record, and even tweeted about the ordeal. She said in her tweet, “It may seem a little crazy to walk directly into the line of fire… those who are willing, are those who achieve great things..”

Serving as a host on Mythbusters and appearing on shows like Overhaulin’ and All Girls Garage, Combs made a name for herself as a racer, mechanic, and a great public personality.

She experienced a feeling many of us could never achieve. And through her hard work and dedication to pushing the limits of what is possible, she will be remembered as one of the greatest females bad *sses in the world.

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She was an offroad racer with no fear, and finished 1st in the King of Hammers. However, after a staggering win, she was renamed the “Queen of Hammers.”