Newly elected Mayor of Chicago, Lori lightfoot is lashing out against Ivanka Trump’s supposedly misleading tweets about the recent gun violence that befell the city over the weekend. With over 59 casualties, 7 of which were fatally injured, this is no matter to take lightly, so lets delve deeper into what was truly said, that has sparked these attacks against Ivanka Trump.

Reports have shown the crimes may have been gang related, though the reports have not been spread across news media as much as the other recent shootings, despite this mass shooting being one of the biggest recently. In a series of shootings around Chicago, 7 people are confirmed dead, and 52 are confirmed as injured.

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Ivanka Trump, senior advisor to President Trump came out after the vicious attacks to say in a tweet,”with 7 dead and 52 wounded near a playground in the Windy City- and little national outrage or media coverage- we mustn’t become numb to the violence faced by inner city communities every day.”

Where Lightfoot takes offense to this post is how Trump refers to the shootings as one event, “near” a park. Though suffice to say her post was really a call to action for the whole nation to not normalize the feelings we get after a mass shooting. Do not make it something to brush over as the media has taken to doing with these very attacks on innocent people which left families mortified and vulnerable.

At Press Conference, Lightfoot attacks Trump by saying that her statements were “misleading.”

“It’s important when we’re talking about people’s lives to actually get the facts correct, which one can easily do if you actually cared about getting it right,” she told reporters, however leaving out the fact that these shootings were gang related.

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When a reporter challenged Lightfoot’s statements , commenting on how many likes and retweets Trump had received for her statement which garnered over 35,000 likes, she snarked,”That’s the danger of somebody with a platform and audience … that doesn’t know what they’re talking about and getting the fundamental facts wrong that they can easily figure out if they had the decency to actually reach out to us if they wanted to be a constructive and engaged partner.”

Does it not befall those with a platform and an audience to spread information that is being censored by the media, which is not doing its job to allow full access to information in order to push liberal agendas? Unlike the recent shootings in Gilroy and El Paso, claims of white supremacy, racism, and anti-immigrant behavior, led to media outrage, and cover over every platform. Yet the violent and senseless murders during the weekend in Chicago have gotten almost no media coverage and the week is half-over.

However, Whitehouse officials broke the silence in a statement, “Her point remains the same: We cannot ignore the gun violence that happens in cities across this country on a daily basis,” as well as stating that Ivanka Trump “has appreciated getting to know Mayor Lightfoot (and) respects her commitment to addressing this issue.”

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It seems Lightfoot is not interested in a partnership with Ivanka Trump who has expressed,”I’m not going to be distracted by nonsense tweets from people who don’t know what they’re talking about.” However, in a city that is riddled with crime, murder, and thievery, would it not be wise to unite against evil instead of isolating those who wants to see justice for the crimes committed in Chicago?

In a tweet by Trump,”As we grieve over the evil mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, let us not overlook that Chicago experienced its deadliest weekend of the year,”