American Student Admits To Killing Police Officer


An investigation underwent to catch a suspect involving the murder of an Italian police officer. The investigation led to a questioning of two US tourists by the magistrate of Rome.

The tow US tourists were allegedly caught up in a bad drug deal.

The American citizens of which both are 19 years of age have been found to be staying at a high-end hotel determined by the confession from one of the two.

Age 35, Mario Cerciello Rega had been fatally stabbed in central Rome during the early morning hours of Friday.

Italian police have named a detained individual as one Gabriel Christian Natale Hjorth, age 18, and the other Finnegan Lee Elder, age 19. They have been accused of aggravated homicide, scheduled to make a court appearance in the upcoming days.

Italian police were able to find the suspected murder weapon, a large knife hidden in the false roof of the hotel room they had been staying in.

As a result of this cross seas, violation of law local media outlets have begun to develop anti-immigrant rhetoric. It has also been stated online by the Far-right interior minister named, Matteo Salvini, “perpetrators should get hard labor for life”. Although he stands against an equivalent to the US death penalty he does stand by a sentence of life.

Important Details:

  • The two American citizens found themselves in the Trastevere area in close proximity to the Vatican City attempting to purchase illegal substances.
  • The dealer had then proceeded to give them fake substances according to Italian News.
  • The Italian officer had then found himself on the scene of the drug deal having been tipped off about the exchange.
  • Shortly after a brawl had been instigated and the Italian officer was then found fatally stabbed several times by the assailants.

Who Was The Italian Officer?

The Italian Officer has been named as one Vice-Brigadier Rega whos recent marriage had only taken place just 43 days prior and had just returned from his newlywed honeymoon.

His funeral is scheduled to take place this Monday at the same church as his recent marriage.

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