Hurricane Dorian Increase In Power Before Hitting The Mainland

Hurricane Dorian

The new expected Cat 3, Hurricane Dorian, is picking up speed and destructive power as it seemingly plummets to the mainland of the USA. Almost assured to hit Florida, the shelves for water and hurricane supplies it decaying exponentially. People are lining up to gather gas for their generators in what seems to be a preparation for an apocalypse.

Storms in the Atlantic have caused Dorian to shift its circulation, allowing it to miss the islands of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. However, the likelihood now of it becoming an even stronger storm now as it approaches the US unchallenged by mountains or other convective forces, is even greater.

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At least Puerto Rico avoided a pretty big bullet as it passed over on Wednesday without a direct hit. What is up in air right now in terms of its strike on the US, is where exactly it will be, as a landfall north of Florida’s coast is still not out of the question.

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency and confirmed it in a tweet. ” As Hurricane Dorian approaches, I’ve declared a state of emergency to ensure local governments and emergency management agencies have ample time, resources and flexibility to get prepared.”

Many News outlets are keeping constant track of Hurricane Dorian as it fast approaches. Expecting to hit by Sunday, WESH, The Weather Channel, and the National Hurricane Center have detailed trackers to help prepare everyone for the oncoming storm.

There is much fear in the Caribbean islands as intense rains may cause flash floods to appear on some of the islands, according to the National Hurricane Center. In a forecast by the NHC, an estimated 2 to 4 inches of rain is expected in some parts of the Bahamas with even more in other areas, around 4 to 8 inches.

In the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, only minor flooding and power outages have been reported, and the Mayor of Culebra, William Solís confirmed,”we’re happy because there are no damages to report.”

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With the possibility of Hurricane Dorian increasing to a category above 3 and the high chance of a direct hit on the US,it would behoove anyone to post up, prepare, or start evacuating now. Gas stations are almost out of fuel in parts of central Florida, and it is assumed that the shelves are even emptier with water and other supplies.