YouTube Celebrity, Grant Thompson Dies at 38

grant thomspon

The king of Random, Grant Thompson accumulated billions of YouTube video views dies at the age of 38.

His family went to break the grim news on his official Instagram account.  “It is with great sadness to inform everyone that Grant Thompson passed away last night.”

“Please do a random act of love or kindness today in honor of The King of Random. Grant’s legacy will live on in the channel and the global community he created.”

Grant resided in Utah Hurricane. According to recent reports a missing report had been sent out when Thompson hadn’t returned from a paragliding trip adjacent to Honeymoon trail.

It was only by using a the GPS he carried with him that the body was then found and recovered.

Police on the seen ere able to recover video and paragliding equipment to review potential factors that led to his untimely demise.

“We make videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects,” the channels description reads. “There is excitement found in discovering the unknown, and living to tell about it, so join us and let’s building something together.”

Grant had made his first YouTube channel in 2010 to show off his fondness of how things worked.

Thompson reported before his passing tht he had been bullied as a child and shortly after reaching the legal age, became a pilot for the next 11 years. He found a way to live freely and comfortably when he successfully invested in the real estate market.

“Then I just started tinkering and learning about how the world works, which was inspired kind of by the idea of the Great Recession from the housing collapse. I was learning about things,” Thompson said. “I started making videos on YouTube showing people what I was tinkering with and what I was coming up with. It turned into a big enough movement that I shut down my real estate business, I quit the airlines, and now it’s all YouTube.”

Watch one of his videos here.

A message from YouTube was made expressing condolences to family and friends for his passing.

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