419 Million Year Old Fossilized Forest Newly Discovered in China

Fossil forest

Archaeologists have recently discovered a 419 million-year-old fossilized forest in China. It is home to many ancient and prehistoric remains of fauna, and reporters say it may give a much deeper insight into a time when life came out of the water and onto land.

The 250k square meter forest was discovered in China’s Anhui province. There they found what seemed to be a Devonian era forest which held certain kinds of branchless trees. Experts say that it is only one of three forests of its kind on this Earth.

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The 35 soccer-field length forest would look like a modern day sugar can field, as many branch-less plants would make their home there. Deming Wang, co-author to the study, stated “The large density as well as the small size of the trees could make Xinhang forest very similar to a sugarcane field, although the plants in Xinhang forest are distributed in patches.”

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He also went on to note, “It might also be that the Xinhang lycopsid forest was much like the mangroves along the coast, since they occur in a similar envionmenrt and play comparable ecologic roles.”