After a proposal came through from the initiative process, the residents of Florida have called for a complete ban of what they assume to be “assault weapons” of the semi-automatic category. However Official Ashley Moody, Florida’s Attorney General is not happy about the way the ban is being proposed, saying that it is “deceitful and misleading.”

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She told reporters on Monday that she will not be backing down from her position to remove the proposal from the ballots for next November. And in light of the recent mass-shootings, the time to fight for our rights is especially urgent. The ban calls for a ban on semi-automatic “assault weapons,” as defined in the proposal as being an semi-auto rifle or shotgun that is capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition. That is externally or internally. While it may seem like a ban on ammunition, this is however not.

The ban clearly calls for any rifle or shotgun that is able to hold over 10 rounds, ” Prohibits possession of assault weapons, defined as semiautomatic rifles and shotguns capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition at once, either in fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition-feeding device,” as the description from ballotpedia says.

However, if we were to believe that any firearm that can contain over 10 rounds of ammunition, that automatically takes out any semi-auto pistol as well. And are we truly to believe that an active shooter with intent to harm will abide by such a law.

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As we have seen with the recent Shootings, especially in California which has the strictest gun laws to date, adding more gun control does not yield less violent crimes with guns. And even though the Gilroy shooter purchased his arms out-of-state, it was still illegal to bring that firearm across state lines.

Moody plans to attack this senseless ban head-on in the year to come as the misleading term of assault weapon is used to demonize arms that have been in civilian use since the 1900’s.

As of June 26th about 100k signatures have been signed on the petition. And Anti-Patriot groups like BAWN have raised over $1,000,000 to fund the campaign to ban all firearms. However, the ban does not extend to handguns, which are still semi-automatic, can hold more than 10 rounds, and are concealable to an extensive degree.

If the bill were to pass, any owners of the like firearms will have a year after the issue date to register or turn their firearms in, or face criminal consequences. Is this a justified course of action, or the end of one of the most significant rights we have not only as US citizens, but as human beings?