A ruling on Friday in DC did not go as planned as one of the judges ruled against President Trumps asylum ban which was announced last November. Judge Randolph Moss felt that the law would go against the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) which is responsible for overseeing the establishment of new laws.

“The Court, accordingly, concludes that the proper remedy is to set the Rule aside, and the legal consequences of that result are not limited ‘to the individual’ plaintiffs,” Moss said.

This is after the appeal set by the Trump administration after which the State of California denied the banning of asylum for migrants who did not apply for it in a third country before coming to the US, another plan to stop migrants from receiving asylum.

The rule in question however, restricts asylum for non-Mexicans who traveled to Mexico in order to receive it, but did not look first in Mexico to receive it. The rule restricts those from other countries from getting in from Mexico without first receiving aid in Mexico.