Facebook Seeking Relevancy In Top News By Paying Millions To Returning Publishers


Facebook looks to dominate news stories and content. Publisher deals that Facebook is is offering are valued in the millions. Facebook offers $3 million annually for licensing right for a variety of outlets.

A dedicated news section is the final product of Facebook’s plan. They are aiming to take full control of how select pieces of news are presented on their platform. The revival of this dedicated news section would re-spark numbers of referral traffic it had limited from its prominent regulatory action beginning a few years back.

Standing tall next to Google, both platforms have all but take the mainstream audience from news platforms themselves and the viewers now find themselves getting the most of their daily event intake through Facebook or Google instead.

Facebook seeks to revamp their approach to providing valuable worldwide news by offering huge chunks of pies to news publishers to return to the platform and present their stories and content in a more structures and organized method.

This is hugely to do with the amazing drop off of active users on the platform as younger audiences began to migrate away from the platform earlier in this decade. Facebook gave rise to how news is presented through having such a strong grip information relay. Click bait for one was used as a revolutionary tactic to drive immense volumes of traffic towards a particular online location. This strategy and many other methods of increasing traffic and activity became stale and stagnant leading towards their initial drop off.

However Facebook aims to take their number one information relay platform title once again through this more structured design.

Its not so cut and dry as to how this new strategy may play out however Facebook a million dollar company sees huge amounts of potential through their newest implementation.

Stay tuned for more on how their structured news outlet may impact your world.