Employee “Takes Too Long To Make Sandwich,” Gets Shot

Pizza employee

A pizzeria employee in Paris was fatally shot this weekend as witnesses say the reason for the violent outburst was that the worker was taking much too long to make the sandwich. Colleagues rushed to call 911 after he was shot, although all attempts to revive the worker failed and he later died at the scene. The shooter fled the scene directly after, but law enforcement officers have open an investigation.

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As interviews piled up, many were left baffled by the outrage, “he was killed for a sandwich?” one asked. In the area, passersby also mentioned that the area is a high-point for crimes, mainly drug dealing and alcoholism.

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Apparently it is not even safe these days to get a sandwich, if there are people out there who are so temperamental. Although, the outrage may have been caused by the customers impatience, it is not yet known if there might have been any motivation for the killing.