“Nuke Mars”: Elon Musk Fires Up Twitter With Plans to Terraform Mars

Nuke Mars
SpaceX chief Elon Musk speaks during a press conference after the launch of SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo mission at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 2, 2019. - NASA and SpaceX celebrated the successful launch March 2 of a new astronaut capsule on a week-long round trip to the International Space Station -- a key step towards resuming manned space flights from US soil after an eight-year break. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Elon Musk has come back out again with a new plan to ever engulf him in the interplanetary space race which involves settling man on Mars. Twitter took only a few minutes to come into a blaze of fire as he uttered two words: “Nuke Mars!”

However, is it such a new and bombastic idea(no pun intended). Musk has already discussed the use of thermonuclear weapons on and around the poles of Mars to further expedite the terraforming process for the future colonization of the Red Planet. However, today at 12:23 AM he took to Twitter to find out how many might be on board.

And the internet has predictably come to make memes of the already famed meme lord and his plans of Interplanetary devastation.

What Musk wishes to accomplish by nuking mars is to release Carbon Dioxide from around the planet by creating a greenhouse that will trap in water on the surface before it evaporates. However, some scientists do not think it will be a good idea.

Bruce Jakosky of University of Colorado suggests that “there is not enough CO2 remaining on Mars to provide significant greenhouse warming were the gas to be put into the atmosphere,”

He continues, “most of the CO2 gas is not accessible and could not be readily mobilized. As a result, terraforming Mars is not possible using present-day technology.”

While the idea to nuke mars might be a stretch, it doesn’t mean that Musk cannot make a bit of cash from his meme status. #NukeMars!