Edison Light Bulbs Lead To Walmart & IKEA Lawsuit

light bulb

The Edison light bulb made 140 years ago shows its face once again in news at the center of a lawsuit.

University of California Santa Barbara looks to take legal action against Walmart, Ikea, Target, Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond. Each company has been found to be in violation of patents regarding filament LED light bulbs made to resemble the famous Edison light bulb.

The federal court of Los Angeles demands each company pay its unspecified royalties on every sale made on filament light bulbs henceforth.

The university projects sales to exceed $1 billion in revenue generation. Their mission…  to protect “the reinvention of the light bulb by a Nobel laureate-led team,” sales made from manufacturers overseas signify an “existential threat to university technology.”

he university itself owns a number of patents for filament LED technology. Their lighbulbs resemble the original Edison bulbs however are much more energy efficient.

We have yet to hear a response from any of these companies