E-Cig Companies Under Fire For Allegedly Marketing To Children


Children are the most impressionable people you will meet. When it comes to marketing for them, it does not take much besides a few laughs, some bright colors and a catchy tune. Especially when marketing a trend, the ones who are usually at the forefront of them, are children. That would be no different for the e-cig industry as reports of alleged marketing to children is on the high.

In North Carolina, at least 8 vaping companies are being sued for allegedly “unlawfully targeting children in their marketing campaigns. Among these allegations is the accusation that these same companies are not properly verifying the age of consumers who buy their products.

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Josh Stein, North Carolina Attorney General, filed lawsuits against Direct eLiquid, Electric Tobacconist, Juice Man, Tinted Brew, VapeCo, Beard Vape, Eonsmoke and Juul. However in the case against Juul, officials from the legal team have expressed the Jull has the same concerns for youth vaping as the state. They claim that the do not allow the sale of their products to kids.

While the sale of vapes is not for kids, The State of North Carolina and its attorney general are doing the right thing in cracking down on youth vaping. However, it may not be totally the fault of the companies, themselves. Vapes and vape juice can still be accessible to the youth through other means, which leaves a lot of the responsibility to the parents to crack down on vaping in their households.

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With the recent cases of sever lung disease popping because of certain vape juices containing undesirable chemicals, the danger of youth vaping, especially when they seek external means to make a purchase it at an all time high.