Florida’s First Digital Marketing Agency That Accepts Cryptocurrency

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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrencies by way of
payment? You might be looking a while. First of all, for the tech industry payment standard and the hottest thing to hit the global economy in years, cryptocurrency has had surprisingly little impact on digital marketing.

Another reason is that, for as many digital marketing agencies as there are out there, it takes someone truly in touch with the industry to break new ground.

And someone just did.

Monday saw a surprise announcement by Florida’s leading digital marketing agency, Web
Daytona. Namely, that they have officially begun accepting payment in Cryptocurrency. This is a landmark move in the state’s online marketing industry, with Web Daytona taking the lead as the first digital marketer to integrate Cryptocurrency into its payment platform.

digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency

Web Daytona Brings Cryptocurrency To Florida’s Digital Marketing Market

Established in 2009, Web Daytona has prided itself on taking the lead in the local digital marketing environment. And they’ve been at it for some time, already.

Sporting an impressive list of satisfied clients and more than a decade’s worth of experience across its wonderfully talented supporting staff, they’ve been setting the standard for years. Consequently, they’ve taken great delight in officially taking it a step further.

Having already integrated four Cryptocurrencies into their platform on May 1st, the company communicated their excitement for their future with this system.

“It’s more convenient for businesses to work with companies that accept cryptocurrency,” Web Daytona CEO Gary Vela said. “Really, it’s a technology that opens you up to new markets, and especially for customer acquisition. Cryptocurrency puts you right in touch with past, existing and potential clients in ways you’d never expect. Because of this, we are fully integrating this technology into our company.”

Due to the inevitable cryptocurrency growth, Web Daytona has is pursuing this still-young industry. Bringing in this economic tech alongside agencies in the U.K., New York and elsewhere, this leading Daytona digital marketing agency is officially accepting payments in:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Due to this, you’re likely to see more of Florida’s most electrifying digital marketing agency in the near future.

Digital Marketing Agency That Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments

As the industry moves towards more Cryptocurrency usage, Webdaytona, Florida’s leading digital marketing agency that accepts cryptocurrency, looks set to keep a high standard. As a result, it’s safe to say they’re on track for something truly special.

In conclusion – expect big things from Web Daytona.

For more on this exciting digital marketing agency, get in touch with them. Bring out the best in your online marketing with Web Daytona, today!