Death of a child after being left inside of a car.

death of a child

Death of a child in an overheating veichale in South Carolina last Monday according to police reports. Two people were under arrest as a result.

The Incident occurrence was near Low Country Highway in Colleton County; the first officers on the scene. Were incapable of identifying the death of a child left inside the car. The County seat mentioned that it was a hot day; and temperature up in the high 80’s that day, which was the result of the death of a child’s in this horrific incident.

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Two people are under arrest after the incident occurrence, both Rita Pangalangan and Larry King; as far as we know they are facing charges with relation to the death of a child. The announcement of official charges is still pending we don’t know to what degree of consequences they will be facing.

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urrently, both suspects are spending a few nights in the Colleton County Detention Center in Walterboro. Both are on a bond hearing and it is unknown whether they have attornies or not.