Homicide Suspect Arrested In Dramatic Police Showdown

Daytona Beach News
Daytona Beach News: A Texas Homicide Suspect Was Arrested In A Dramatic Showdown On Tuesday Afternoon

Video By Jared East

In a StarkFeed exclusive, the thrilling pursuit of a homicide suspect ended in a showdown on Tuesday evening.

Businesses on Daytona Beach’s Palmetto Drive were shocked by the sound of police cars today. While this isn’t out of the ordinary, it was locals quickly realized the line of cars rounding the corner was taking a while to end.

“There were so many cop cars,” said one business owner. “I came out here because I thought maybe two or three of them were stopping someone. Ten cars later, I realized things were more serious than that.”

Daytona Beach News: Homicide Suspect Taken Into Custody

Police and sheriff’s cars pulled up, en masse, outside the Kinsey, Vincent & Pyle building at around 4:45 PM on Tuesday evening, sirens blaring. As people trickled out into the streets, officers exited their vehicles with weapons drawn and rushed into the parking lot of the multi-story building.

Onlookers waited with bated breath as officers and US Marshalls closed off the street and officers communicated via radio. The air was cold and the atmosphere, tense.

Then, minutes later, it was all over.

Daytona Beach News
Daytona Beach News: A Suspect In A Texas Homicide Was Arrested In A Showdown On Tuesday Night

The Arrest

The suspect, a man suspected in a Texas homicide, was lead to a nearby vehicle in handcuffs. Official reports state that officers spotted the suspect at some point before 4:30, and gave chase.

An officer on the ground stated: “He actually rammed a few of us with his car, back there.” The suspect, having crashed his car during the chase, took off on foot and was arrested, minutes later near the Palmetto Drive building.

Interns and editors at Stark Feed’s office, nearby, were on the scene, where police gave scattered information on the chase. “All we’re able to say right now is that this guy’s someone we’ve been following in connection with a homicide. We gave chase, and he managed to hit a few of our cars back there, but he’s in custody now.”

The suspect is believed by many to be connected to a photo of a wanted man circulated on social media the day before, by the name of Jason A. Gibson. Police had made it public that a man fitting this description had been spotted in the area. Officials also confirmed that the suspect mentioned in these social media posts had warrants out of either Texas or New Mexico including homicide, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and larceny.

As far as Daytona Beach news goes, it’s safe to say this was one busy Tuesday evening.