Cure For Cancer Don’t Let Your Hopes Get Too High

cure for cancer

Scientists are fighting against the bold claims made by two Israeli scientists, saying they have discovered the cure for cancer.

The article that had gained massive traction from these bold claims was simply a news report based on the information acquired by researchers that had not been published for scientific review.

“If this group is just beginning clinical trials, they may well have some difficult experiments ahead,” he wrote.

Despite their enthusiasm, publications across the United States and Israel rejected the report, insisting that it is – as Victoria Forster, a health care reporter for Forbes maintained – “categorically untrue.”

As this information had only been acquired due to its exclusive testing on mice. The “cure” as stated by the source, will be available and ready for human testing within a year.

What Does This Mean?

Well, this means currently there is no publicly or scientifically recognized cure for cancer available for administration.

“I hear many rejections that it is not possible to develop a drug so fast. But we did not say we will develop the drug and get its approval,” Morad continued. “We said we can treat and cure people.” –  Morad

Nonetheless, as Lichtenfeld maintained in his blog post, “We hope this approach… bears fruit and is successful. At the same time, we must always offer a note of caution that the process to get this treatment from mouse to man is not always a simple and uncomplicated journey.”

Ultimately there is no cure for cancer as of yet.