It was a 5 to 4 Supreme Court ruling for the border wall which $2.5 billion was allocated to begin its construction. President Trump tweeted, “Big Victory on the Wall,” after the ruling which will temporarily allow construction on the wall. ” Big WIN for border security and the rule of law!”

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The border wall ruling was brought about due to the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) lawsuit on the behalf of the Sierra Club and the SBCC to challenge the President’s use of emergency powers to accommodate the construction of the border wall.

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However, a Republican majority saw that the lower injunction to stop the construction of the border wall would be overturned, claiming that “The government has made a sufficient showing at this stage that the plaintiffs have no cause of action to obtain review of the Acting Secretary’s compliance with Section 8005.” However, The ACLU is not happy with decision and the organization’s staff attorney is fighting for an expedited appeal to delay the ruling for the further.