Coach Arrested At School; Police Contact Trump For Help: News Round Up

Coach Arrested At School

Darien High School Freshmen Lacrosse Coach Arrested On Campus – Raul Bourgeois, lacrosse coach of the freshmen team at Darien High School. Coach Arrested At School on a warrant Thursday afternoon while on campus, according to Darien police. Read More.

Police Contact President Trump About 9 Cops Injured In Explosion – The East Haven Police Department has tweeted directly to President Donald J. Trump Friday to make him aware of an explosion in North Haven last week that left nine area police officers seriously injured. The officers, five from East Haven, three from North Haven, and one from Branford were responding to a barricaded suspect when a barn exploded.

Next week is National Police Officer Week and local police say they wanted Trump to be aware of the incident from last week, and they hope he would recognize the officers.

In the lengthy series of tweets, police said, “Dear President Trump, On May 2, 2018, the South Central Regional SWAT Team, comprised of officers from the towns of Branford, East Haven, Guilford, Madison, North Haven, and North Branford, CT were activated for a barricaded suspect in a residential neighborhood.

The SCR-SWAT team was conducting this operation in the Town of North Haven, Connecticut. in an effort to arrest this suspect who had committed an act of domestic violence, seriously injuring a victim.

Initially, officers on scene attempted to have the suspect surrender peacefully with negative negotiations for several hours. Therefore, the SCR-SWAT team had responded as they always do.

Officers began securing various buildings on the property when suddenly a massive explosion destroyed the adjacent barn to the residence. Several SWAT officers who were next to the barn were violently blown several feet from the structure.

The remaining officers on scene, including the injured officers, acted heroically, rushing towards danger to rescue their fallen comrades. These officers are true heroes, the bravest of the brave, who work these dangerous details in an effort to keep our communities’ safe.

Nine of the officers from the team sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized following the blast. A cowardly act committed by the suspect, who attempted to injure or kill these officers for his crime.

Five officers from East Haven, three from North Haven, and one from Branford sustained broken bones, burns, knee injuries and concussions. Some will need surgery and they all have a long road to recovery.

It’s not just the physical injuries they sustained, it’s the psychological injuries that the whole team now endures. This incident is nothing short of a miracle that they are alive,” East Haven Police said on social media.

Rapper Arrested at Bradley International Airport – Rap artist Kamiya was arrested Friday morning at Bradley International Airport after refusing to remove her head cover upon direction from TSA employees, then launching into an expletive-laden tirade at TSA officials and state police. Read More.

Judge Handles Bridgeport Bullying Situation – A Superior Court judge entered the role normally reserved for school administration by ordering a civil protection order after reports of bullying at Bassick High School. Read More.

Man Accused of Throwing Rocks at Newspaper Delivery Person – An Ashford man was arrested last week after he allegedly threw rocks at a newspaper delivery person, state police said. Read More



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