Ben Carson inserted himself into President Trump’s feud against the democrats as they continue to attack and slander him, during a press conference this Wednesday. In a tweet by Maxine Waters:

Apparently Trump’s comment, about Elijah Cummings’ district being a “…  a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place” is an attack on the race of

which received mixed reviews by the public, some even countering with pictures and retweets of the President’s good standing with the more tolerant part of the black community, it would seem that the fight against the President is going as strong as ever.

However, Ben Carson had a few things to say in a press conference regarding the state of Baltimore, and how the constant arguing is not pressing well for the citizens of Baltimore.

“We have some threats but it’s not China. It’s not Russia, it’s not North Korea. It’s us, and whether we can work together and realize we are not each other’s enemies,” Carson said. The president, he later added, is “very willing to work with people here in Baltimore, including with Elijah Cummings,” Carson said.

Carson also added that ” it’s sort of like if you have a patient who has cancer,” Carson said of Baltimore. “You can dress them up and put a nice suit on them, and you can try to ignore it. But that cancer is going to have a devastating effect. You have to be willing to address that issue if you’re ever going to solve it.” In regards to the feud going on, it seems like Carson stands on neither side, promoting the help of the city over all of the fighting.

Furthermore, it seems that Carson’s call to action is centered towards the people of Maryland and those who serve in it’s office rather than the Federal Government, which he stated gave billions in federal money and that federal aid. And so, for Ben Carson it is not a time to argue, but a time to come together, stop calling everyone a racist, and make Baltimore great again.