Rapper ASAP Rocky Is Expected To Testify In a Swedish Court on an Assault Trial

ASAP Rocky Sweden

U.S. Rapper ASAP Rocky is set to testify in Swedish court for an alleged assault trial later today. 

According to reports, the rapper has pleaded not guilty to the assault, in connection with a encounter between his entourage and a 19-year-old man Sweden. 

Rocky had been coming back from a tour appearance in the country’s capital before getting involved in an alleged street fight. Swedish authorities arrested the rapper and detained him at the police station on allegations that he and two of his friend’s entourage attacked 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari.

The rapper, whose identity is Rakim Mayers, has pleaded not guilty to the charges pressed against him. This case has gained the attention of several influential celebrities, including reality TV stars, Kim Kardashian & Rob Stewart, demanding his release using the Twitter platform and claiming Rocky has been treated unfairly by the Swedish authorities, owing to his race.

President Trump has also gotten evolved in the matter, demanding via Twitter that the Sweden prime minister reconsider the detention order and to release Mayers.

During the court session on Tuesday morning, among those present was U.S. diplomat, Rober C. O’Brien, who is serving as the State Department’s presidential envoy as the head of hostage affairs. 

Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven responded back to Donald Trump’s tweet saying, “It isn’t his business to interfere with Sweden’s judicial system and ASAP Rocky will not get any special treatment.”

Police authorities who took Rocky into custody said one person was fairly badly beaten, sustaining cuts on broken beer bottles during the June 30th brawl. One of his bodyguards was released from arrest and all charges dropped against him, but Rocky has remained in custody ahead of his trial. 

Before the two-time Grammy nominee’s arrest, Rocky posted a video on his Instagram account showing he and his crew members arguing with two strangers. In the video, the group can be seen telling their followers they are invading their privacy and to stop following them. 

During the Wednesday hearing, prosecutor Daniel Sineson presented the video from the security cameras and footage from witnesses’ phones. Suneson said the footage presented supports a case against the defendants, claiming that the victim was brutely hit and cut with the broken glass. 

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Rocky’s defense team strongly disagreed, saying there was no evidence to support any of this actually happening.  As this story develops, witnesses alongside the accused and Jafari are set to be questioned in court today. The closing statements will be made as early as Friday. 

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