A$AP Rocky Finally Free From Swedish Jail – Arrives In US

asap rocky

ASAP Rocky’s initial arrest has taken place almost one month prior yielding charges of assault against him.

Rocky and two others, David Risprs Jr. and Bladimir Corniel, were charged of assaulting 19- year-old Mustafa Jafari at the end of last month, July 30th outside of a fast food resturant in central Stockholm.

Upon arrest news got out quick and caught the attention of a number of renowned figures like Justin Bieber, President Trump.

President Trump announces Rocky’s Release just days ago on Twitter.

One witness took to revising her initial report in saying that her and her friend didn’t actually see Meyers hit the victim with a bottle although they were clearly assaulting him.

“Everything happened very quickly. We were scared for our lives,”said the Swedish witness, “He was bleeding. He showed his injuries on his hand. He also said he had a sore back.”

Timothy Leon Williams, bodyguard, gives us more insight, “I knew something’s not right about him. I’m noticing it because I’m a bodyguard,” Williams said in English. “And now, I’m looking at him like, ‘Yo, what’s wrong with you?’ I’m looking at him and saw that his eyes were really glossy, like he’s on something.”

Rocky releases first photo to Instagram since the case.

Upon hearing of their release from jail the group of three exchanged relieved hugs as the public began to cheer.

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