Amazon Rain Forest, Lungs Of Our Planet Is full of smoke!

Amazon rain forrest is on fire
Amazon rain forrest is on fire

The Lungs of our planets are full of smoke and no one seems to care; The amazon rain forest is the largest supplier of oxygen to our plant; where 20% of the world oxygen is a production in the Amazon Rainforest. The amazon contains half of the species, plants, and animals. 121 prescription drugs come from plant-based ingredients that we can only find in the Amazon rain forest.

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Rain forest fire is a natural phenomenon that occurs on a yearly basis during the month of September and October, but there has been an increase of 80% of the number t of fires since last year only. Which is a concerning number for our environment! Yesterday around 03:00 PM with 2,000 miles away from the forest; people were noticing a darkness in the sky due to the rain and smoke. Locals are concerned and scared.

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With more than 72,843 fires in Brazil this year only with more than half of them in the Amazon region. The fire is so big it we even can see it from space; and the smoke is already traveling to neighboring countries like Peru and Paraguay. Nearly the size of 90 Soccer fields are being destroyed every hour in the amazon rain forest.

Jair Bolsonaro President of brazil is to blame by environmental activists; since he is very laid back when it comes saving the forest. Not only that but he also is encouraging deforestation; were 88% more deforestation occurring since last year and it is very problematic. The Brazilian government cut the environmental enforcement agency by $23 million dollars. No one seems to care about the Amazon rain forest; where it could become a Dry dessert and can emit carbon dioxide; rather than produce oxygen and killing all life in it.