Airport Worker Writes “You Ugly!” On Passenger Note, Gets Fired After

Airport Worker

An airport worker has recently been fired from Rochester New York. After handing a passenger a handwritten note stating “You ugly!!!”

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However, while this may have happened last June, it has recently come to attention after passenger Neal Strassner was given the exact security footage of the worker with the strongly worded letter in hand. It has since been posted on youtube and is blowing up.

The video depicts Strassner receiving the note from the airport worker after passing through one of the metal detectors. However, Strassner did not think much of the note at first until the worker, a female as we see in the video, asked aloud, “you gonna open the note?”

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Upon realizing what the message said, Strassner was taken aback by her abhorrent laughter, which he later complained about. The TSA promptly questioned the worker and proceeded with disciplinary action which led to her termination from the airport, saying they have “zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”