A$AP Rocky Trial Results and Freedom?

A$AP Rocky trial
A$AP Rocky trial

You are probably hearing about A$AP Rocky imprisonment in Sweden; the rap and hiphop legend acusations of assaulting two people putting him under arrest. Making a big noise in the United States, after the moment of #freeA$APRocky on twitter. Pushing kim Kardashian and even the president of the United States to interfere.

What Did The Court Say About A$AP Rocky

The Swedish court ruling a release on the raper and his other two homies with him during the occurrence; A$AP Rocky will be free and remain free until the 14th of august; where the annunciation of the actual assault verdict will take place.

Stockholm court district is not clear about whether the release decision; wether it will give A$AP Rocky and his two boys clearance to leave the country. But President trump in a tweet and making it clear that A$AP Rocky is “on his way home”

The prosecutors were trying to sentence rocky for six month; on the trial that took place on Friday. But with the mayor interference announcing that community service would be more proper.

The change of sentence is a result of the witness; who at first told the police officers on the scene that A$AP Rocky hit the victim with a bottle; but later on testifying that she didn’t actually see A$AP Rocky hit the man with the bottle; during the questioning, both witnesses choose to be anonymous.

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The prosecutors accusing A$AP Rocky and his bodyguard of beating the 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari with a bottle; or parts of a bottle. Which was the key issue in this case! The witnesses testimonies are what is going to decide wether A$AP Rocky is guilty or not.

Who Testified

The two women testimony is in line with their previous testimonies; that A$AP Rocky and his crew, were beating and kicking Jafari. But then one of the women changing her previous testimony; stating that she only heard a bottle break and she did not actually witness; weather Jafari or the ground were hit with the bottle.

Her friend later testifying; that she did not see anyone hitting Jafari with a bottle. Jafari’s injuries were minor, and he had minor bleeding on his hand; which probably was a result of being on the ground.

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A$AP Rocky bodyguard testimony, was in line with the rapper’s story. The overcomplication of the whole situation is a result of the language barriers. The bodyguard asked the victim Jafari; to leave them alone as Jafari did not leave them alone and continued to follow them and harass them.

The bodyguard said: “I knew something’s not right about him(Jafari). I’m noticing it because I’m a bodyguard, And now, I’m looking at him like, ‘Yo, what’s wrong with you?’ I’m looking at him and saw that his eyes were really glossy, like he’s on something.

oth the rapper aA$AP Rocky and his bodyguard claimed that Jafari and his friend were under the influence of drugs. A$AP Rocky pleaded not guilty during the first day of the trial on Tuesday.

This trial resulting in a stir in U.S. and Swedish diplomatic relations, pushing President Donald Trump; to personally interfere and guarantee A$AP Rocky bail; contacting Stefan Lofven the Swedish leader stating he will not interfere in a legal case.