63 Murdered After Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan bombing

At a wedding in Afghanistan, 63 people were murdered and 180 more people were badly injured in the name of Allah this weekend. Among 1200 guests that were present at the wedding in Dubai City Hall in Kabul. An affiliate of the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the cowardly crime.

The heinous act was committed in a region of Kabul where many of the Shiite Hazara community reside. The attack is regarded by Afghanistan officials as the deadliest attack of the year.

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And for the community, they are in despair as the center of their town has been dessimated and made an example of by Islamic extremist who wish for nothing but death for anyone who thinks differently. In a place that has been riddled with war for thousands of years, the wedding hall in Kabul was the place of peace, where people could come together in happiness.

It seems that these extremists have no care for who they hurt and kill, as many of their victims have turned out to be women, children, and the elderly. The suicide bombing in Afghanistan marked the end of a period of relative peace after another attack wounded 145 people.

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