28 Mile Human Chain To Protest For Democracy in Hong Kong

28 mile human chain

Tensions in Hong Kong China are escalating quickly as protests continue. And in this, probably the longest human chain in the world, spanning the distance of 28 miles, people gather to fight for their right to democracy. The protesters sang songs along 39 train stations where they held signs saying “Thank you for supporting freedom and democracy.”

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Over the 11 week movement period came from a bill that would propose the end of democracy in the city. The latest demonstration took inspiration from the Baltic states who made their protests in a similar fashion.

With the fear of their rights being stolen from them, the protesters now are not only demanding that Hong Kong remain free and democratic, but they are also calling for the resignation of Lam, and an investigation on the use of excessive force by the police during the peaceful demonstrations. As protester Peter Cheung stated.” I joined the Hong Kong Way because it’s peaceful.”

While the demonstration was meant to be a display of the unity of the people of Hong Kong, it was also a plea for help internationally. And the struggle may not be in vain, as many are rallying to the Hong Kong Way.