Why You Should Stop Posting Pictures On Instagram! Explained.

why you should stop posting pictures on instagram
stop posting pictures on instagram and start posting videos

Were you ever scrolling on Instagram and came across a video that had a still picture and for some reason it showed views instead of likes? Ever wondered why people are posting a video with a still picture in the background? Why are my Instagram pictures are not getting enough likes? Well, today is your lucky day because I have figured it all out and I’m sharing this strategy and a proof of why it works! with you and for free just don’t forget to subscribe only if you want to be ahead of the game!

What’s The Strategy?

Enough with the pictures! post videos! Instagram is at a transformational point in order to fit in and stay relevant, remember when Snapchat came out and Instagram felt the need to introduce Instagram stories in order to stay relevant and then facebook followed That movement! well every software update is a survival tactic for Instagram.

Remember Vine? the app that made Instagram irrelevant! In fact, it was the app that motivated Instagram to introduce Instagram videos. But vine executives didn’t want to monetize the app. So uncle Mark Zuckerberg saw a goldmine opportunity and acted upon it. But today times are very different!

What’s The New Trend Now?

Who is Instagram trying to imitate? Well, its TikTok! Instagram will slowly become more like the popular app TikTok. How? Well, what Instagram doesn’t share with us is how the algorithm works and what it favors! but don’t worry that what I’m here for.

In my case study, I found an interesting insight that proves me right. By comparing the two strategies:

  1. First strategy One video, two hashtags in content: 27 likes, 145 views, two comments, two profile visits, reach 360. (results in a 1-day period)
  2. Second strategy Image first, then two videos 30 hashtags: 75 likes, two comments, 16 profile visits, reach 455 (results in a 3-day period)

You are probably thinking the second strategy generated better results! because it obviously has more likes! but you are wrong my friend and I have proof! likes are loosing their value!

The video that got 75 likes with the Image first and two videos after (figure1.1), generated more reach because there are two videos. Which means it would’ve got at least 250 views but it only shows 75 likes.

figure (1.1)

What’s The Psychology Behind Likes and Views?

Psychologically the user will value 250 views over 75 likes regardless of reach because they don’t know the reach only you do! Especially in the case of a new page visitor. But since the picture is in the post with the videos the algorithm will override the views and only show likes! which does more harm than benefit! why you might ask!

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Now when someone is scrolling through your Instagram, the highest number on the page is 169 views, true it only got 27 likes but based on looks that post is doing the best on the page especially in the user’s perception because it has a higher number!! Your average user cannot differentiate the value of the like compared to the view ratio! so they base their value on how high the number is!!

Although we are comparing a 3-day old post to a 1-day old post! The one with 27 likes we reached 360 people in one day! but it took Us 75 likes to reach 455 and 2 extra days, in other words, it took 48 more likes to reach 95 more people by posting the picture!!

How Is This Good For Me?

Now when someone visit your page most likely they will not like an old post, because it is a habit of social etiquette. Liking another profile old pictures is considered social suicide and no one wants to be caught stalking! 

But with the video, you get a view even when they don’t like it, which is generating more reach that is gradually increasing every day! let’s say one new user visits your profile when the majority of your content is videos, assuming they viewed 5 posts this will get you a view on 5 different posts but he might like one picture or nothing at all! would you rather 5 views or nothing? 

Figure 1.2

The video that we reposted originally got 6489 views on the page! Which is the best performing post on that page and if you look at their strategy that got their post trending was 3 videos in one day on 03/11! (figure 1.2) results were 1792, 6489,2139 views for that one day! which is a lot of reach for one day! compared to 247 likes for the picture then the video on 03/14.

Still Not Convinced Views are Better Than Likes?

But not only Users favor views over likes but so does the algorithm! with only 27 likes and 169 views, the post was the first to make the top post in the geotag for the business