How To Become A Social Media Celebrity: What You Should Be Posting!

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How To Become A Social Media Celebrity by Starkfeed. Learn the vital "Know Hows" of Social Media Success

Since its inception, social media as a whole has spiraled to become the backbone of today’s societal means of communication, entertainment, advertising, discovery, & influence. Reaching consistent virality and accumulating a committed fan base would be today’s equivalent to striking oil in the 50’s.

So how do you do it? Well its definitely possible, there must be a logical plug and play formula that’ll have complete strangers calling your name from the other side of the street in no time right? Actually there is. After observing rising stars of social media like Jake Paul, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Dan Bilzerian, and the king himself, Justin Bieber, Starkfeed is prepared to give you a “full proof Social Media guide” to becoming your very own brand. Let’s Get To It!

Before Your Create Your Profile, Perfect Its Image!

Creating your profile for most seems like the very first step in becoming the next social media buzz, however, if we take some advise from the amount of residents living in Beverly Hills, CA, most people would be wrong.

Step #1 Visualize and Perfect your profile niche mentally. Since social media is so big relative to the sheer number of active users filling its servers, there is no shortage of successful niche templates to base your profile off of. Use popular and viral accounts to structure your profiles image. Be sure to picture what type of content will be filling your feed and how it will look in the feed’s of others. Once you can muster up an attractive profile in your head, only then can you begin materialize your dream.

Your’e Audiences Speaks To You, Even When They Don’t.

Typical social media Guru’s will go on to misinform you when it comes to what type of content to post. The general message you’d receive will tell you to handle your Social Media Account exclusively how you see fit… THIS IS INCORRECT.

When striving to gain popularity and virality especially when starting from the ground, you must please your audience first. You’re audience will be the ones telling you which type of content is ill-received and which is gaining traction. For every post within your niche you must keep the audiences potential reaction in the back of your head.

Only Make Posts With A Wow Factor!

Posts that feature little to no reaction value often go unnoticed, or ignored, simple because the way you’ve structured your content is engaging or indirect towards a particular subject. When seeking to create a “reactionable” post you must be bold, direct, and provide some sort of controversy to get people talking in your start. Wow factors are a must.

Follow This rule of thumb, “If its an inside scoop or reference only you can react to, don’t post it.” This type of content is known to the Stark’s as “filler content.” you know in the TV show episodes when nothing really happens and the story is not dramatically progressed in anyway, yeah, noone likes those episodes. Every post must contain the same “wow-factor” as a season finale!

Plug All Your Social Media Profiles

You must cast your nets wide to catch the most fish. Each and every single one of you Social Media accounts must be clearly visible and presented to your audience. The best way to do this is to feature you handle or account name in the bio section on every platfrom, however the net casting does not end there. To effectively redirect subscribers or followers to your other social media accounts, you are going to need to provide them with some sort of incentive to do so.

Clearly present to your audience that on each separate Social Media profile you own they can find different types of content.

For Instance, YouTube can feature time lapses of beautiful painting projects from the first brush stroke to the last, Instagram can feature the finished product, Twitter can be used to advertise your new content to potential new followers and subscribers. This way you’re presenting essentially the same piece of content in different ways turning it into three unique pieces of content.

You Don’t Need To Be Completely Original

We humans are creatures of habit. Our likes and dislikes stay relatively the same throughout our life with minor alterations. Handle your social media account with this in mind. Find successful accounts and emulate their posts. This can be one of the fastest ways to grow your Social Media following, especially since the people who are following that account will likely migrate to yours as a result.

A lot of viral posts can be replicated with minimal effort and can contain sometimes even more of an impact to the audience when you put a little of your own spin to it. Parody’s, Comedic Sketches, Re-imagined Content, or Remixes are the go to kinds of material for gaining fast clout!

You’re Social Media Formula

  1. Visualize Your Profile
  2. Listen To Your Audience ( Look at Posts With Engagement Primarily)
  3. Post “Season Finale’s”
  4. Plug All Of Your Platforms
  5. Feature Different Types Of Content On Each Platform
  6. Emulate Success
  7. Take Over The World!

Success takes more than prayers and wishes, It takes complete mental re-frame and new habits. If you want to break the family curse of poverty and have luxury homes in every corner of the world, be sure to purchase The Ultimate Guide “20 Laws Of Success” by Ako Stark Himself.

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Congrats! You’ve pretty much received a $$$ Social Media course entirely for free! Don’t believe us? Try this formula and see for yourself. For more insider Social Media Tips noone else is providing, be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram pages. Let us know if you want have specific areas of social media or business advice addressed in future posts. Until next time, Stark out.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”