Privacy Data Collection As A Marketing Metric

privacy marketing metrics
privacy marketing metrics

One of the most valuable things we have is our privacy, and usually we tend to take it for granted; considering that most of the time we simply sign it away in contracts; just to try a new trendy feature or a cool app.

In recently data became one of the most valuable assets and commodity on the planet. Data is now valued more than the entire oil industry; just in case you didn’t know countries are going to war over oil. It is no shocker that companies will do whatever it takes to collect data. Even if the collection process is aginst the privacy of their own consumers and their best benefit.

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For marketers data and privacy policy is another obstacle they need to pass; but for one second what if a company uses the privacy as a weapon that brings massive value; rather than obstacle?

You are probably wondering exactly how can they possibly do that; but in a world where everyone is trying to rob you out of your privacy, this idea seems amazing. Remember when companies had to be socially responsible? well now, this is the new trend like social responsibility.

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A company that cares about the privacy of their consumer; is one that can create a huge brand value and equity. The digital world is full of marketers that track consumer behavior, habits, and gathering data without consent; people are now more aware of this problem and they are valuing their privacy more and more; and one day there will be no more data collection without consent.