Marketing Spending For Legend Brand Are Directed Where?

Legend Brand marketing strategy
Legend Brand marketing strategy

irect to consumer brands are witnessing a massive increase in the recent years, one of these brands is Legends Brand; who is a strictly a dependable on celebrities, influencers, and professional athletes for their marketing. The surprising part is unlike other brands they are decreasing their marketing spending on the popular marketing app Instagram; where they are already cutting down their spending by 50%.

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At first, the company mainly is focusing on dividing the budget 50/50 between Instagram and Facebook. Then the spending is more towards 85% Instagram and 15% facebook and after creating enough brand awareness using affiliates; to grow and decrease spending.

Why They Use Smaller Influencers

The company utilizes the use of influencers to promote their brand but the surprising thing in their strategy; is the type of influencers they choose where their follower base is not as huge as you might think. True they have large athletes like baker Mayfield; but the highest return on their ad spending comes from small follower base influencers ranging between 15,000 and 300,000; the smaller influencers have a bigger conversion rate than big athletes.

Legend Brand, starting as sock company now and switching it to apparel in 2018. The company marketing spending roughly reaching seven figures. They plant to triple that by next year spending; between $5,000 a day to $15,000 a day depending on the day.

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Their Instagram spending mainly for discovery and brand recognition and creating awareness; and to push people who saw the ads on Facebook to take action. The company uses funds to create grassroots events like the celebrity basketball; where many influential celebrities like 2 Chainz, Quavo and Floyd Mayweather attend; game event where they use to collect E-mails of their target market by allowing consumers to submit their E-mail; to enable them to watch the broadcast event through twitch then use the Email to contact customers.