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Snapchat has majority transformed since its launch in 2011. Notoriously created to send “private” disappearing photos. Snapchat has grown up and now offers branded and interactive filtering options, live stories, and even a feature that allows you to send cash to a friend. But as marketers rush to a build a brand on Snapchat, they are finding it increasingly difficult to a target specific audiences and measure ROI. To learn more about how people are actually using the app, we surveyed 100 Snapchat users and compiled the results below, and benefit your marketing on Snapchat.

The Facts

  • Snapchat has over 100 Million daily active users.
  • 8,796 photos are shared on Snapchat every second.
  • Snapchat users collectively watch 6 Billion videos daily.
  • 30% of media planners, top agencies, and brands plan to include Snapchat in their Super Bowl campaigns.

Snapchat Users Are a Dedicated Bunch

A majority of snapchat users engage with the app on a daily basis. Good for marketing?

  • 54% Daily
  • 32% 2-5 Times a week
  • 9% Doesn’t use Snapchat
  • 4% Once a month
  • 1% Once every few months
  • Vertical viewing now accounts for 29% of total time spent on screens.

Snapchat Marketing: Users Shy From Branded Features

Even though Snapchat users are engaging with the app on a daily basis, most users aren’t interacting with branded features such as Snap Live Stories, Snap Discover Stories, or branded filters.

How Often Do You Watch Snap Live Stories?

  • 23% Never
  • 32% Rarely
  • 36% Sometimes
  • 7% Almost Always
  • 2% Always

How often Do You watch Snap Discover Stories

  • 54% Never
  • 30% Rarely
  • 15% Sometimes
  • 0% Always

How Often Do You Use Branded Filters On Snapchat

  • 43% Never
  • 18% Rarely
  • 28% Sometimes
  • 10% Almost Always
  • 2% Always

Money & Celebrities Are of No Interest To Snapchat Users

It Seems that Snapchat is still regarded as an app used for self-expression and connecting with friends, not celebrity accounts and advertisements. Bad for marketing?

How often do you buy something you saw on Snapchat?

  • 87% Never
  • 11% Rarely
  • 2% Sometimes
  • 0% Almost Always
  • 0% Always

Do You Follow Any Celebrities On Snapchat?

  • 64% No
  • 34% Yes, a few
  • 3% Yes, a lot.

Because users don’t have to rotate their phones, their 9x more likely to watch Snapchat ads in full.

– Snapchat

Marketing On Snapchat

In a world of online Bullying and Grandparents on Facebook, Gen Y and Gen Z are using Snapchat to discern how they share, what they share and with whom. The growth of this new audience and popularity of Snapchat has defiantly sparked the interest of marketers and advertisers, and there are now multiple brands on Snapchat trying to engage with a younger audience. As Snapchat continues to evolve their offering, alongside their users, marketers will need to adapt to creatively reach their audience in new ways while Snapchat will need to become more advertiser-friendly with narrower targeting analytics, improving the benefits of marketing on Snapchat.

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