Why Are Authentic Followers Considered Assets? How Can I get more of them?

Building An Authentic Followers Base On instagram
How To Build An Authentic Follower Base on Instagram

Did you know that there are more than 40 million fake Instagram accounts! therefore the authenticity of your followers is very essential because those fake followers are not visiting your homepage; they never refer other accounts to your page. They will never bring you any sales or value; except for being a useless number just like most of your personal account followers! #sorrynotsorry! For this reason, generating an organic authentic followers base is a key to your success as a business.

1. Start By Creating A Biography For Your Profile!

If you want to attract authentic followers to your Instagram, your profile needs to be unique and appetizing; As a marketer, I can’t stress how important it is to have a good bio! why you may ask?

In marketing defining who you are, what your vision and mission is, and what goals are you trying to achieve; is an element that all successful brands have in common. Your Instagram profile is the base you want to build your audience on; not having a good base will result in a fragile structure for your brand.

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When picking the name for your profile, make sure you are using strategic keywords that people usually search. This will help people find you as a result of searching for something else! When it comes to picking your username, make sure the username is unique and easy to memorize and to find. This will differentiate you from competition, make sure you take your time in choosing a strategic Username that can attract authentic followers

2. Do Not Buy Followers! You Only Need Authentic Followers

The benefit you receive from buying followers is not nearly worth the harm! Growing a real authentic follower base is what brings engagement to your page like comments, likes, referrals, and DM shares. The temptation to buy followers will always be there; but if you fall for it, be prepared for a good backlash by the algorithm.

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3. Externally Link Your Instagram

If you are on other social or online platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Blog or a website. Make sure you put your Instagram Username or a link to your Instagram, this will help real authentic followers from other platforms to find your page.

5. Instagram Explore Page Is Key! Utilize It To Reach Authentic Followers

The best way to find people in your niche is the explore page; analyzing the page can reap you many benefits. For example, if you click the “🔎”, on the bottom of the app. You can see posts that are related to your niche; by clicking on viral posts can help you analyze which posts are the trending and why. Then you can come up with a strategy on how you can properly imitate and improve.

Going to related posts you like, and going through their likes and following people who liked their content. Have the highest rate of getting people to follow you back. But of course, if your page is set properly and attractive enough; these are the engaging authentic followers you need.

6. Be Consistent With Your Posts And Publish At The Right Time!

When you post consistently, you can reach a larger variety of followers; going Ghost Mode and posting out of the blue will not get you the reach you desire. Especially if you have something important that you want a lot of people to see. The reason why this happens is that your account is not in the active accounts algorithm; so there’s no point for Instagram to show your posts if you are inconsistent with the app usage. Authentic followers follow you because they like your content, and they want to see more of it. So give them what they want!

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When you post multiple times a day, it doesn’t mean that the same followers will see the same content. Your followers are active in different times of the day, and if they follow a lot of people; odds are they might not even see the posts that you made earlier that day.

Choosing the best time to post will vary based on your geographic location and the time zone you are in. In your insights, you can see where your audience is most active and plan your posts accordingly.

7. Caption Your Videos

This can come handy if you are trying to reach a global follower base; by including closed captions and subtitles to your videos, you can differentiate your business from the competition; and reach more people. Like users who can’t have their phones on loud to hear your video; as a result, they will skip it on the hopes that they will see it later. If your posting content in a foreign language; you need to have subtitles in order for your followers to communicate with you. If your authentic followers do not understand what you are saying; they cannot engage with your posts (comment, like, share).

8. Encourage Your Authentic Followers To Tag Their Friends.

One of the best traits of having authentic followers is that they bring you more followers just like them! When your authentic follower tags a friend or more it is simply multiplying your reach and exposure; if your content is good enough they will follow you and tag other friends. This is actually the reason behind every trending post on Instagram the comment section!

If you have any questions about your Instagram or business marketing comment below and I will respond as soon as possible!