Google Auto Software Interface New Features For Cars Navi

google auto new software
google auto new software

Android recently announcing the new Google Auto interface for cars that are powered by Google; for cars navigation screens. Where you simply can plug your phone and you can have the apps you are running; on your phone through the car navigation screen. The Andriod auto is not a new feature and many cars are already running the same software; but the new thing is that there will be a brand new update that will change how things will look.

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Google is not done working on the new Goolge Auto software; and you can expect some new features and buttons that will make your experience very much easier and more convenient.

Before you can only see a settings button on the bottom left of the screen; but now there will be other features. One of these new Google auto software buttons will be the alternative route button where lots of people are showing excitement about. Another button is the search button; that will allow you to search for other destinations and add trips to your current one. A destination button and the three-dot menu button in addition.

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The new Goolge Auto software will make the app more useful and less distracting; considering you have to access these features through your phone; previously and now they will be on your Navi car screen. Some people are complaining that the new feature is taking away space on the screen; but it will be something they have to adapt to.

Source: androidpolice, Google Maps in Android Auto adds some helpful new buttons,
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