Chicken Sandwich By Popeyes, $65 Million In Marketing Value

chiken sandwich by popeyes
chiken sandwich by popeyes

I’m sure by now you are familiar with the new Popeyes chicken sandwich; Considering all the noise generating the hype about this special sandwich. Apex Marketing group estimate on the media value of $65 million. Which is the price the company will normally have to pay; to reach that many people which they got for free.

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This massive media awareness generation from many platforms like television, radio, online and print news reports and social media. Which is 15 days worth of data since the sandwich dropped; during its first two days generating more that $23 million in media value.

The chicken sandwich will be a permanent item and it will no longer be a limited-time item; this hype creation is due to the news channels started running taste test to determine; the best chicken sandwich out there comparing them with Chick Fil A and Wendy’s chicken sandwiches.

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This sandwich definitely changing the brand image for Popeyes; where many did not consider Popeyes a fast food restaurant and now people consider it one; are looking for the nearest Popeyes when they are hungry. Thanks to social media such exposure would have never been possible. Once things start trending on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it explodes and everyone hears about it.

Before the hype, Chick-fil-A reputation is that they are the best when it comes to chicken sandwiches and quality chicken. Until Popeyes stole their glory the company already sold out of chicken sandwiches within weeks.