Whole Foods CEO Believes Eating Plant-Based Meats Are Unhealthy

Plant-based Meat

Plant based, meat substitutes might be food for the environment, but not for your health, as Whole Foods CEO John Mackey believes. “If you look at the ingredients, they are super-highly processed foods,” as Mackey stated. As many dieticians have warned against, plant-based meat substitutes may not be the best for vegan/vegetarian diet choices.

In its recent increase in demand by the public, meat substitutes have found their places in many of our most favorite fast food restaurants like Subway Dunkin, and KFC. The biggest culprit of the spike in the food industry being Beyond Meats, which has a stock price that have increased 500%, has been the main supplier of these meat substitutes.

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Beyond Meat began in Whole Foods in 2013 in hopes of becoming a household name for vegans and a “healthy” gateway for people who were trying to transition their diets. And with one of its main selling points being its health for the environment, it might have been easy for the company to submerge its lack of health for those who consume these processed meat substitute products.

However, while Whole Foods has been the catalyst for almost all of Beyond Meat’s products, Co-founder of Whole Foods John Mackey has publicly criticized the company. “As for health, I will not endorse that, and that is about as big a criticism that I will do in public.”

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While Mackey may not believe in the plant based industry, that does not mean he thinks people should continue eating real processed meats. “I think people thrive on eating whole foods.”

Event the Center for Consumer Freedom has its skepticism about the high number of “healthier alternative” meat options, especially as they are taking the fast food industry by storm. A storm that prompt the CCF to conduct studies and publish ads highlighting the amount of chemicals in these fake meats. With the slogan “Fake meat, Real Chemicals,” the CCF seeks to educate consumers on the reality of plant based meat substitutes.