Water Bottles Are Now Banned In San Fransisco

San Fransisco plastic water bottle ban
San Fransisco plastic water bottle ban

San Francisco International Airports is the first airport to start a movement that will change how people consume water forever. The Airport is the first to become zero-waste airport by 2021. They plan on doing this by eliminating the use of all plastic bottles within the airport. If you want the water you will have to either drink from a water fountain; or buy the certified glass or aluminum bottles; or of course, you can bring your reusable water bottle. This movement is backing the Zero Waste alliance; a non-profit that plans on recycling and decomposing 90% of the waste

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The Law Only Effects Water Bottles

The Thing is that I find this a little weird; all water seltzer water, carbonated water, and purified water is where the ban applies. Which means no one can sell plastic water bottles even box carton water is not permissible; like the product Will Smith and his family came up with will not be allowed even though it is eco-friendly. The airports has more than 100 water fountains; but who really trusts Tap Water?

You might think this is a great idea and good for San Fran but there a catch! This entire Plastic bottle thing only applies to Water!! But what about Soda bottles, Juice and Ice Tea etc.. NOPE those can stay the law simply does not apply to them. Critics are saying that the whole thing is not of true Green Movement, but it is only greenwashing to convey that something is being done and appear eco-friendly.

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Similar to what big corporation do to be socially responsible and it is SICK. Others say it is a way to start; for example, they already took out plastic utensils and replacing them with wooden ones. The San Fransico Airport produces around 28 million pounds of waste; out of that, there are 4 million water bottles. So in a sense it is still an effort; considering it takes 500 to 1000 years to decompose a plastic bottle naturally depending on the size.

Plastic Is not Only An Enviromental Issue

Plastic bottles are not only an environmental issue; they are also an issue for humans. Consideringg we are consuming what is smeared in plastic for God knows how long. On a daily basis, we consume microplastics from varies sources. The worst part is that we do not know the impact of this consumption; but surely we can tell you that is not healthy to consume plastic, and it very likely to be a cancerous.