A Puppy kisses a woman and she loses her hands and legs to an infection

Puppy Kisses

(StarkFeed) – Marie Trainer was returning home from an out of country vacation when she discovered that she was having an intense backache and nausea. Shortly after her temperature dropped low, sending her to a local emergency room in the early morning of May 11.

According to the hospital report, Trainer was sleeping for nine days. When she woke up her legs and hands had been amputated.

It took hospital doctors seven days to find out that Trainer had incurred a severe infection, which was acquired by her German shepherd’s kisses.

The doctors said the rare infection, capnocytophaga canimorsus was incurred when her German shepherd puppy liked her open cut.

Dr. Margaret Kobe, the medical director of severe disease at the Aultman Hospital in Canton, Ohio said “Her skin started to change constantly, rapidly turning purple to red color, then it advanced into creating a blood clot.

Then she went on saying “It is extremely difficult to identify the problem, We are in a way detectives. We went through many different types of diagnoses until we found the problem”.

The severe infection had spread to the tip of her nose, ears, legs, and face. But luckily for her, she didn’t lose parts of her face.

The trainer had a total of 8 surgeries and is under the process of working with doctors to fit for prostheses.

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