Popeyes garners BIG Money After Release of New Chicken Sandwich


Well instead of reinventing the wheel, it seems like Popeyes has taken the wheel and made it their own. The release of their all-new chicken sandwich only 2 weeks ago has been raking in the dollars as the press and rivals of the Louisiana Kitchen have boosted its “clout” to the max.

And what it hasn’t gained in dollars, it has surely gained in the free press it is getting from it rivals, and really anyone who has a mind to tweet, post, or make a video about it. But is this good for business?

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See, the Popeyes chicken sandwich has not even come out yet in stores, but customers are lining up for it nonetheless, ready to get a taste of what the Louisiana Kitchen can bring to the table.

Having received most of it’s marketing from memes, tweets, and videos, the people have taken to giving Popeyes an unprecedented amount of coverage. So if ever was a time you doubted the marketing power of a few memes, well, it is time to lay them to rest.

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This could mean an abrupt change in the way fast food restaurants and businesses of any kind seek to market themselves. Especially with the youth, which about 35% of consumes fast food as about 25% of their diets, marketing with memes seems like the obvious direction for these fast food establishments.