Swimming Pool Hygiene: Be Aware!


Going for a nice, cool swim in the pool is one of the best summer activities there is, hands down. But it can become less pleasant if everybody doesn’t play by the rules. And that means paying close attention to pool hygiene.

Which is all fine and well, until you bring the nieces and nephews and neighborhood kids over. Because love it or hate it, nobody cares less about hygiene standards in your pool than little kids. 

Not to worry, though! There is new, downloadable content that teaches healthy swimming habits in a fun, rewarding way. Most importantly, in a way that sticks with kids every time they get in the pool.

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Swimming Hygiene: What Are We Looking For?

This may surprise you, but there are people out there who honestly think of swimming pools as giant bowls of wet disinfectant. It’s all just water, after all, so there’s no need to shower before getting in. For many of these same people, there’s also no need to monitor where you urinate, either. 

You see how slippery of a slope this is, I trust. The truth of the matter is, any foreign substance that gets brought into a swimming pool on the skin, hair, or clothing of swimmers will react with chlorine in the water, often with undesirable effects. These disinfectants have to destroy waterborne pathogens, so any kind of compromise is a loss, as the water becomes less safe as a result. Also, irritating byproducts from these reactions are just unpleasant to swim in. 

This is where personal hygiene in a swimming pool is especially important. You, your fellow adults, and especially the kids, should avoid swimming if you’re sick and currently wrestling with diarrhea. Even if it seems to be okay right now, waterborne diseases are transmitted by microorganisms, so any amount of diarrhea can carry it through the water. From there, it’s just a short trip to you swallowing diarrhea-compromised fluids. Chlorine-resistant waterborne parasites are much more common than you might expect and will easily spread diarrhea into the pool at large. 

A Few More Tips

  • Always shower with before you get into the pool.
  • Never use the pool as a restroom. Adults can also remove children from the water semi-regularly, in order to safeguard against this.
  • Never swim while sick or if you have any fresh or open wounds.
  • Avoid swallowing pool water entirely.
  • Shower after swimming as well as before.

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