Here Are The Most Overworked Cities In The US

Overworked Cities

According to a study done by mobile tech company, Kisi, the cities of Washington D.C., Houston, and Atlanta are recorded as being the most ‘overworked’ cities in the USA. If you’re living in any one of these cities, chances are it might be time to take a vacation!

Researches came to this conclusion by taking a look at how much time people spend time working. Factors included hours worked in a week, length and time for a commute, available vacation days offered, as well what amount of paid family leave is available for workers.

The data is part of a comprehensive analysis which indexes 40 cities based on work-to-life ratios. How much time people spend at their jobs is not all this research covers. It also covers access programs like welfare and healthcare, as well support for women and gay people. All of these were put into index to rank 40 cities on their balance of work-to-life. On an international scale however, cities in Germany outperform this national index.

Kisi came out earlier in the week stating,”With an ever-increasing burnout rate worldwide, self-care and time management are becoming higher priorities. This study was conducted in the hope that it will bring awareness to the multiple ways in which cities and countries can contribute to the overall happiness and well-being of the workforce.”