+Color: A Sleek, Gorgeous Kitchen Installation

+color Kitchen Installation

Look around you at all the newest technology, fashion, entertainment, and designs. These fields may seem completely different, but the best of them share one thing in common: less is more. Which brings us to today’s topic: the +Color kitchen installation from Cabinetry Creations, Inc.

This eye-catching kitchen may rush you with the crisp, clean whiteness of its design. But the truth is, there’s so much more than meets the eye with this room. From its soft-lit square edges to the subtle elegance of its light fixtures, this is a kitchen that says “class”.

Ready to take a closer look? Good – so are we!


The first thing that needs addressing is the +Color’s neat orderly lines and bold commitment to white. This room leans heavily on its bright, clean aesthetic, with off white light fixtures hanging in a neat box above gleaming white fixtures.

Simple white bar stools flank a long dining table, for an open, inviting dining area that fits right in with the size and tone of the room at large. Split down the middle with a single wooden tabletop section, this table is equal parts sunshiney picnic and elegant new age chic. It’s also complemented by a gigantic nearby kitchen island wrapped in wood-paneled cabinets, perfect for easy food prep any time of the day or night.

Walls of neat white cabinets and reflective flooring create a pristine kitchen space. And flush oven and microwave units in the wall make sure your experience is every bit as functional as it is good looking.

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Of course, all work and no play makes any kitchen a “dull boy”. The +Color installation splits the whiteness of your kitchen right down the middle with a splash of wood.

Your oven nook is presented in a warm brown finish, with twin light fixtures bathing the burnished steel air extractor in an amber glow. It’s all a subtle way of saying, “This room is effortlessly cool and you’re about to know all about it.”


Ultimately, the true beauty in any room is in balancing colors, fixtures, and spacing. And the +Color installation from Cabinetry Creations, Inc is a prime example of exactly this. For more on this installation and their gorgeous portfolio, get in touch with Cabinetry Creations, Inc. today!