Interesting Facts About Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

A funeral is seldom a happy occasion. Yes, there are new movements of people trying to celebrate life. Ultimately, it’s something most of us would rather not have to go through.

Remembrances can help to make it easier. Little gifts, trinkets, and mementos that help us to acknowledge the deceased and our history with them. And chief among them are funeral flowers. Join us today for a quick roundup of three fascinating things you definitely didn’t know about funeral flowers.

Funeral Flowers Are Actually An Ancient Tradition

Sending funeral flowers to the family and loved ones of the deceased dates back to the stone age. Fossil remains have shown collections of flowers placed around deceased dating 62,000 years.

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It Has Very Practical Roots

Embalming as we know it today took a lot longer to develop than you might expect. For many years, this was an inexact science. Preserved bodies were just as likely to smell or putrify unexpectedly as they were to not. 

Because of this, people traditionally used flowers to mask the smell of decay that comes during a burial. Funeral flowers in big bunches can disguise the smell of a deceased body, even though these days it’s unnecessary. 

Avoid Sunlight, Heat, and Berries to Keep Funeral Flowers Fresh

Funeral flowers, gifts, and foods are often delivered in big packages, but did you know apples and pears emit Ethylene gas, and that this causes flowers to shed their petals quicker? Avoid contact between the flowers and any fruit or berries, and make sure whatever vase you use is clean. 

Also, make sure to add a few drops of bleach into the water to protect against bacteria growth. And, as one last tip, remember to change out your water and cut off a small section of the stem for best results.

Funeral Flowers: A Long History Of Consolation

Funerals can be difficult but funeral flowers help to add a splash of color and, hopefully, some comfort to the process. If you are interested in funeral services for a loved one or family member, visit leading Volusia County funeral service, Woodward Cremation and Funeral Services, today.