As a psychoactive medicinal syrup, CBD Tincture happens to be the most convenient form of the CBD compounds for intake. The tincture of the CBD compound comprises the natural cannabinoid of the cannabis plant in a liquid edible form, easy for edible consumption.

What is a CBD Tincture?

The tincture form of the CBD oil is trapped in a dropper bottle, which resembles the general tincture containers. The CBD tincture is not actually a true tincture in the traditional meaning, as no alcohol is used in the making. Rather, it is like a syrup that is to be consumed orally, either by putting it under your tongue for a mere 30 seconds before swallowing it, or by mixing it to your favorite drink, soup, or any beverage that you generally prefer to have.

Why CBD in Tincture form?

The CBD tincture contains all the advantages of the CBD oil. It does relieve pain and stress, reduce anxiety and depression, benefits your heart health as it is slowly mixed into your blood after an oral intake.

The CBD Tincture, though, have a natural taste of plants, somewhat nutty, grassy and earthy, which may arise to be unpleasant for your tongue, succeeds in avoiding the difficult consuming process of CBD oils, and the chewy time-consuming task of CBD chewing gums at your stress times by giving you the luxury of a soothing intake with your favourite food, soups and beverages.

‚óŹ CBD tincture is moreover, much more easy to carry with you wherever you want, as it consumes almost no space in your bags or pockets.

Being a portable therapeutic soother, the Tincture form of the CBD compound provides the consumers with a more easy and effective drop to gulp down their throats.


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