Brazilian President Pride Is More Important Than The Amazon!

amazon rain forrest G7 fund
amazon rain forrest G7 fund

Brazilian president is now contradicting himself, where his pride got in the way of saving the lungs of our planet. Rejecting $20 million in foreign aid and later taking back his representative’s; words and mentioning he never said he is denying the aid. I guess maybe he did after the backfiring of the statement leaving the door half open for more negotiations.

This sum of money is a result of the collection form the G7 Summit occurring in France addressing the issue; but the president communication officers told CNN they will not be accepting the money.

Later the president confronting the reports with the following “Did I say that? Did I? Did Jair Bolsonaro speak?” well sorry Mr. president But you are responsible for what your communications office announces; and I’m sure they will do not make decisions on your behalf; nor they can communicate such statements without your prior approval.

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The president is letting his pride get in the way of the Amazon aid, considering that Emmanuel Macron; the French president has accused him of lying to him about the climate promises he made during the trade negotiation; which I doubt were not true. and the Brazilian president will not respond; to the aid until the french president apologies for what he is accusing the Brazilian president with.

Brazil chief of staff mentions that the money is better off put to use “to reforest Europe” instead and Lorenzoni; said that the French president should focus on his internal issues like the fires that burnt down Notre Dame; which he thinks is preventable.

What are the Final Results ?

The G7 efforts are appreciated, but at the same time accepting the money and hosting meetings about the amazon fires; says that Brazil is a no man’s land. The international organization was increasing the pressure on the Amazon rain forest environmental policies; even before the breaking of the fire.

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The Brazilian already on a plan to help with the crisis by working alongside countries who are in the Amazonia; by collaboration and restoration by reforestation.

The Brazilian president humiliating the French president and his wife on social media facebook

Both Germany and Norway took out their funding contributions to the “Brazil’s Amazon Fund “; because they doubt that the Brazilian government is putting much efforts to reduce deforestation. Where Norway took out $1.2 billion and Germany took out $39 million.

The Brazilian president got the full support of the U.S. President Donald Trump wherein a tweet he mentions; “He and his country have the full and complete support of the USA!” and the Brazilian President shows full gratitude for the statement.

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