How Peter Lalor Bought A $67K Beer.

6000 dollar beer

When it comes to beers, there are those that say you get exactly what you pay for, and that some things are worth the wait. Then, there are those who say a beer’s a beer’s a beer. Eight bucks for an IPA? $10.50 for some sort of Mongolian citrus stout? A 67k dollar beer, maybe? Why pay through the nose when you can squeeze a lemon slice into a local lager for a cool six dollars and party with the best of them?

Australian journalist, Peter Lalor, refuses to pay more than $10 for a beer, even though he’s been writing about them for the better part of 25 years. On a trip to Manchester last weekend, however, Lalor got a taste of the rich beer life. The beer wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, however – just the price.

At a hotel bar, our intrepid beer journalist ordered a Scottish IPA, for which he expected to pay $6.76. He was charged more than 10,000 times more than that. When the check eventually came, Lalor accepted it without checking immediately because he didn’t have his glasses on.

“I just had a feeling she’d got [the price] wrong,” he said, and so he asked the bartender to tell him what he’d been charged. When she read out the price, Lalor thought she was kidding. The bartender, meanwhile, thought it was hilarious.

A 67k Beer

Peter Lalor had just been charged $6,689 for a beer. And the bar had actually put through the charge, as well. Management immediately reached out with a complete refund. They also assured him that charges as high as that for single items (like a beer) often won’t even go through.

A few short days later, however, the full amount came out of Lalor’s bank account. The bank, in the meantime, has told him it takes around 10 days for the money to refund.

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Which brings us to today. Our intrepid beer-drinking hero waits for enough money to buy six starter cars or about a half dozen decent suits to return to his bank account. All over one unexpected 67k beer.

And the hotel in question, in the meantime, has publically invited Lalor back. “We hope we can invite Peter back for another drink soon. The next one is definitely on the house!”

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