The 10 Un-mistakeable Signs You’ve Gotten Yourself In The Friendzone


The “Friendzone”, an unholy realm of mixed signals, buddy-calling, and pats on the back. Do you think you’re in the friend zone? Well, ponder no more because we’ve put together a list of the 10 unmistakable signs that you’ve scored a friendly touchdown.

#1. You Actually Sit And Watch Full Movies With Her

Watching a movie together is international secret code for cuddling, flirting, and hooking up. If you two actually watching the movie and sitting on opposite ends of the couch you are in the friendzone.

#2. You Either Walk Her Dog Or Babysit Her Cat

If you are doing favors for her while she goes out with friends or other guys then you have become the “nice guy”. Which leads directly to the friendzone. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

#3. She Introduces You As “Her Friend”

Women are territorial creatures and if she is bringing you out with a group of the opposite sex as a love interest you will be introduced as such. By introducing you as a friend she is indicating that there are zero romantic bonds between you.

#4. She Doesn’t Try To Look Good

When you like someone you try to look your best for them. When you are just friends with someone you can let them see you in your sweats, no make up, and hair un-undone. Even people who are very low maintenance will ma some kind of effort if they like you. No Effort = No Attraction.

#5. You Find Yourself Consoling Her Through A Breakup

The last thing a girl is going to want a potential beau around for is a tragic break up. The sobbing, the ugly crying face, and the intense feelings toward the new found ex are reserved for closest friends only. If you’re there for the waterworks and ex-boyfriend bashing you can hope to be an in the moment rebound at best.

#6. There’s absolutely No Physical Contact

if you go in for the kiss and she turns her head or hugs you there is no physical attraction here. After all the time you’ve put in you should have gotten it in by now and if there’s no sexual tension “you are a completely non-sexual entity in her eyes. Similar to a lamp”. – That One Ryan Reynolds Movie

#7 She Asks For Your Advice On Another Guy

Straight up- if a girl is talking with you about how to pursue another guy its a pretty clear sign you are in the friendzone. If she’s asking how to end things you might still have a shot.

#8. You’re Picking Out Date Outfits

… and its not a date with you. If you guys are talking every day and hangin out when she starts to date somebody else then you don’t really have a shot at getting out of the friendzone. If she tells you about her dates and how she gets butterflies when she sees him, you’re not even on her romantic radar.

#9. She Call You Her Brother, Buddy, Pal, Or Dude

If she has ever called you her brother then you are so deep in the friendzone it’s ridiculous. If a girl sees you as her brother, she does not see you as a potential mate. You’re completely written off into the black hole that is the friendzone. She might love you… like a brother.

#10. You Send Her A Racy Text And She Says “Aww Thanks”

When a girl replies with aww thanks or aww you’re so cute it means she is politely asking you to return to the friendzone that you’ve just tried to escape from.