When Will The Ps5 Be Out, A Look Into Specs.

when will the ps5 be out

A lot of speculation and rumors have gone into predicting the release date of Sonys next-gen console, the Ps5.  Some speculations state that we may expect to see the arrival of the next-gen console in the year 2020. Others, go on to state that the official release of the console will happen this year!  To tell the truth, no one yet knows 100% the answer to “When will the ps5 be out?”  With Sony currently dominating the gaming scene, there would be no reason for them to rush and push out their next big product. Sony will ride their money trains till the end before they consider bringing out their next big guns.

if we are going with a 2020 launch for the PS5, the reveal will likely be no earlier than E3 2019.  The PS4 was revealed during a special event in February 2013, and a similar approach to announce the PS5 would make sense. Unless Sony is keeping a big secret, we highly doubt that the PS5 will be announced at E3 2018.


How Much Will It Cost?

Sony learned a valuable lesson from launching the PS3 at $499/$599 (20GB/60GB SKUs) it’s unlikely the firm would go that expensive ever again. A realistic estimate would put the cost of the PlayStation 5 around the more spendable $399.



How Strong Is It Gonna Be?


when will the ps5 be out

it would be pretty unexpected if Sony didn’t topple the power of the Xbox One X, which currently prides 6 teraflops. This will surely push the price up above $399 right? Well,  we are talking about technology that’s arguably 2-3 years away from actually releasing. 

So what is a decent guess for the PS5 spec? The PlayStation 5 will also include a more capable CPU as well as more memory as standard, and this should equate to higher potential frame rates for most games (Bungie recorded poor CPU in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for a lack of 60FPS), and immensely better quality textures.

With no evidence suggesting the ps4 will be coming out in 2018; we can safely assume 100% we will not be graced by Sony’s next-gen console this year. Additionally, with no likely leaks o9f the system or news from Sony about the system at all, it is also safe to say we will not be getting it in 2019 either.

With sony following a release pattern regarding their console, they like to make their official releases toward the end of the year, or end of the quarter (Q4). With this information, it is more realistic to get behind the 2020 hype train instead.  Sony is doing so good they wouldn’t want to take the spotlight off of their current-gen console while there is still money to be made. This is a business after all.

Stay tuned for more ps5 coverage as we approach 2020.






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